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The Legend of Yaroslavl:Yaroslavl, Yaraslavl, Yaroslav, Urig

As legend has it, Prince Yaroslav the wise of Rostov planned and executed an attack on the Finn-Urig tribe that occupied a bend of the Volga River. This area was a very prosperous trade route and the Finn-Urigs would consistently attack passing merchant ships from the towering banks. Merchants, tired of the Finn-Urig attacks on their ships, begged Prince Yaroslav to secure an agreement for safe passage through this area of the river. Prince Yaroslav was able to defend the merchants against an attack from the tribe during a well-planned voyage around the bend. When Yaroslav went ashore to convince the tribe to give up their pagan ways, they attacked him with a ferocious bear. To the tribe's amazement, Yaroslav was able to wrestle the bear and kill it. This won the tribe's respect and submission. He ordered that a church be built and the city of Yaroslavl was founded in his name in 1010 AD.