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Kholuy School of Miniature Painting:kholui, kholuy, sewing

The following text was taken from the brochure pictured below. The Kholuy School of Miniature Painting follows the traditions passed down from the Kholuy Icon School, organized in 1883. The founders were graduates from St. Petersburg Emperor's Academy of Art--academicians of drawing, N.N. Harlamov and E.A. Zarin, who was also a student of I.E. Repin. In 1943, the school began the preparation of artists in miniature drawing. Members of the faculty, who were originators of Kholuy lacquer miniatures, consisted of former icon artists: K.V. Kosterin, V. D. Puzanov-Molev, S.A. Mokin. Since the beginning of the school's existence, it has trained about 2000 artists of miniature drawing and decorative sewing. Some of them gained the title as Russia's national artist, such as N.I. Baburin, B.I. Kiseliov, honored artist of Russia, N.N Denisov, P.A. Mityashin, V.A. Elkin, and many others. At the present time, the school conducts the training of specialists in the following areas: lacquer miniatures and the exhibition of art. The preparation of miniature artists has been conducted since 1943 and is the main course of study at the Kholuy School of Miniature Painting. Students become familiar with the skills necessary to create lacquer miniatures, icon art, and mural art. The high level of training allows graduates from the school to successfully work in the industry by continuing the traditions of Kholuy's founders of lacquer miniature art, as well as work on the revival of icon art. The works of Kholuy miniature art students and graduates are consistently and successfully represented in Russian and international exhibits and competitions. Within the School, there is also the Department of Decorative Sewing, which has been training specialists since 1947. During their study, students learn such disciplines as sketching, drawing, anatomy, history of art, and folk art crafts. They also obtain skills in traditional Russian sewing. They develop and complete a wide variety of pieces starting fro napkins, table-cloths and other articles for interior decoration to samples of clothes: suits, dresses, blouses and children's clothing. The best examples of these pieces participate in various exhibitions. Brochure from the Kholuy School of Miniature Painting