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Kolyada--A Song:Kojada, kolyada singers, christmas, vineyard

KOLYADA has come Before Christmas My beautiful green vineyard! The gentle snow has fallen The sparkling white snow; And along this gentle snow Geese-swans fly - Kolyada singers, Young ones, Young ones, Pretty girls Looking, searching For Ivan's home, And Ivan's home Is not near, not far - Not, near, not far - On seven columns; Around this house A silver paling stands; Around this paling Is silken grass; On each pale Is a little pearl. Inside this paling Three towers stand, Three towers stand With golden cupolas. In the first tower - The moon shines, In the second tower - A lovely little sun, In the third tower - Little twinkling stars. The moon shines - Then the lord is at home, A lovely little sun - Then the hostess, Little twinkling stars - The little children. But the lord himself Is not at home, Not at home, It can't be: To Moscow he went To make judgment in court, To make judgment in court, To arrange his affairs. He did some judging, did some arranging, Then home he came; To his wife he brings A coat of marten, a cap of marten, And to his sons A fine steed each, And to his daughters A gold wreath each, To his servants A pair of boots each. Oh, our Kolyada Is not small, not large - She doesn't climb through the door But comes to our window: Don't break, don't destroy it, Give us a whole tart! My beautiful green vineyard!