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Young Girl--A Song:cornflower, wreath

I, a young girl, am going to the quiet meadow, the quiet meadow, To the quiet meadow, to a little birch. I, a young girl, will pluck a blue cornflower, A little blue flower, cornflowers; I, a young girl, will weave a wreath, I, a young girl, will go to the river, I will throw the wreath down the river, I will think about my sweetheart: My wreath is drowning-drowning, My heart is aching - aching; My wreath will drown, My sweetheart will abandon me. In the garden - little garden, Maidens are strolling, My snowball bush, my raspberry bush! In the garden they picked flowers; And wove wreaths. They tossed the wreaths Into the Danube, into the rapid river; Whoever's wreath floats, That one will marry. My snowball bush, my raspberry bush!