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On The Day Of The Wedding--A Song:Danube, Spiridonovich, marriage, wedding

Say farewell, my dear girl friends, My dear little doves, If I was rude - don't be angry! You, my darlings, will be off To summer work, For merry walks, To winter parties, - Remember me, my darlings, In the spring, in the green meadows, When you will be weaving wreaths For me, for pretty maid. I don't need a pale blue wreath: I wove one for the last time And threw it into the rapid river, - The wreath was carried off to a strange land, To the blue sea of Svalynsk. Don't spill over, my quiet Danube, Don't overflow green meadows! In those meadows is feather grass, In that grass walks a white deer, Walks a white deer - golden horns. Ivan the lord rode by, Spiridonovich rode by, And whipped the little deer with a lash. "Don't beat me, Lord Ivan, Don't beat me, Spiridonovich! Someday I will prove useful to you: You will marry - to the wedding will I come The courtyard will I enter - the whole courtyard will I light up, The chamber will I enter - all the guests will I cheer, And most of all your Maria, So she will cry less, So she won't grieve." You get up, mother of mine! You slept through the dark night, But I, a young girl, did not sleep, This dream appeared to me: I was walking along steep mountains, I was collecting thick berries. The steep mountains are my sorrow, The thick berries are my tears.