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Frog the Traveller:frog the traveller

The tale tells of a silly frog that lived in a marsh and dreamed about seeing different lands and countries. One day it found the means of doing so. The frog went to the ducks and said: "Dear ducks, I want to see various countries, but I can't do it because I don't have any wings and I can't fly. With your help I will be able to realize my dream. Let two birds hold a stick in their beaks. Each bird will hold the end of the stick end and I will hold on to the middle of it while the birds fly The kind ducks agreed and the frog began its journey. The frog flew over uncommon lands and it was very happy and proud, because it felt like a bird. Boys and girls that were playing merry games below rose their heads and noticed the ducks flying in the blue sky. To their astonishment, the ducks were carrying a stick with the frog attached to it. One of the boys exclaimed: "What a marvelous and ingenious way of travelling! The inventor of it must be very clever and sharp-witted! I wonder who has devised it." The frog was so proud of hearing this from the boy that it cried: "It's me who has invented this way of traveling!" However once it uttered these words the silly frog lost its hold of the stick and fell down. Thus ending his dreams of seeing the world.