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Story of Peotr and Fevronia:Fevronia, peotr

Historian Yermolay Yrazm, during the mid 1600's, recorded the legend of Peotr and Fevronia. However, many think that the story first emerged around the 15th century. The story has also been chronicled in the Russian Orthodox Church's series of readings called, "The Lives of the Saints." The story has more of a love story type feel to it rather than a typical reading from "The Lives of the Saints." The religious deeds of both saints are included in the later part of the story, and later are added to the main manuscript. Most of the story is about the love between a prince from Murom and a simple peasant girl. The story almost takes on a fairy tale like tone. There is a good possibility that this was the reason the reading was not included in the main book containing the deeds of the saints. Officially, Peotr and Fevronia were canonized in 1547, their monastic names were David and Yefrosiniya, they are commemorated in the church on June 25. A Queen's palace is overthrown by her evil husband. Her husband takes on the form of a dragon. The husband's younger brother, Prince Peotr, goes to a sacred temple to retrieve the Sword of Agrik. With this sword he confronts the dragon and after a fierce struggle Peotr defeats the dragon and kills it. During the fight the dragons blood got on Peotr's skin and ulcers formed all over his body. Peotr is taken to the land Ryazan, which is famous for its healings. A maiden by the name of Fevroniya, who lives in Ryazan is a healer and has a pet rabbit, volunteers to help Peotr. She takes him to a banya and puts yeast over his wounds. Fevronia heals Peotr's wounds and he falls in love with her. Peotr sees that Fevronia is a kind-hearted and wise maiden, so he decides to marry her. After their wedding the couple has a reception at which people and animals party together and flowers start to bloom and butterflies fly all around. However, the Boyars of Murom do not like the prince's choice of his new bride and the newlyweds decide to leave the city. They travel down the Oka River for a full day and stop for to rest on an embankment. Here Fevronia performs a miracle. She blesses the trees, which had their branches chopped off for firewood, and in the morning the trees grew back their branches and were blossoming. Back in Murom riots started and many noble people were being murdered. The Boyars begged for Peotr's return and along with him they asked for Fevronia to rule the land with him. The couple ruled the land with great justice and between them there was great loved. When they got old they both fell asleep one day and were given to the Lord as they passed away together.