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Lacquer Art Presented to Bill Clinton:Dmitriev, Dmitriyev, Razin

The images here, including a menu and a signed photograph, were given to us by Sergey Dmitriev, a renowned Kholuy artist. It is his piece entitled "Stenka Razin--From Beyond the Island to the River Deep" that was presented to then-President Bill Clinton when he visited the Senat Restaurant during his stay in St. Petersburg. Along with the box, President Clinton was given a book on Kholuy art entitled Kholuy Lacquer Miniatures by Anatoliy Kamorin, in which Dmitriev's work "Vasilisa the Beautiful" depicted. Afterwards, Clinton was treated to a first-class Russian dinner, which is now advertised on the Senat menu as the meal served to him. Menu and signed photograph Detail of the box and book You can also view larger images of the menu and the photograph.