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The Event That Happened to Evseyka by Maxim Gorky:Gorkiy, Gorky, Evseyka, Yevskeyka, Yevseka

Once upon a time there was an impressionable lad named Evseyka. He would love to become engrossed in the simple. Today was just such a day. Evseyka was sitting on some rocks overlooking an inlet from the sea. He was just fishing and minding his own business. The weather turned hot, bubbling hot. Evseyka wasn't getting any bites so he decided to go for a swim. He plunged into the refreshing water reaching the sea floor at once. A beautiful place it was. All directions were teaming with life. He decided to sit on a large stone covered with sea weeds and take it all in. It was magnificent. A scarlet starfish was gliding on the sand, whiskered rock lobsters were pacing proudly along the stones, speedy shrimps were scattering about like curious flies and colorful fish of all kinds danced about with butterfly grace. Suddenly, Evseyka heard a strange squishing sound. "Who are you?" questioned an odd little voice. Evseyka raised his head and noticed a large, brilliantly-colored orange fish with silvery scales and puffy protruding eyes. "What did you just say?" asked Evseyka. Then he thought to himself, "What? This is impossible! Fish can't speak. I must be a very clever boy if I can understand fish language. I don't get it? I don't understand German in school, but I was able to understand fish language on my first try?" Small, rainbow-like fish were playfully laughing and teasing Evseyka. "Look! What a silly looking fish! It doesn't have any scales and only two fins!" Some of the other fish didn't think it was so funny for such a different being to swim among them. They were a bit terrified. "It is a monster! A monster! It has two tails!" Evseyka took offense and thought, "They don't realize that I am not a fish? Why don't they see that I'm a human being?" The large fish with the protruding eyes asked Evseyka, "Why is it that you think fish cannot speak?" "My father has said it to me," replied Evseyka. "What is a father?," continued the fish. "He resembles me, but he is a little bigger and he has a mustache. He is very nice when he isn't angry with me." The fish became even more curious, asking a question that stumped the boy, "Does he eat fish?" Evseyka was afraid to tell the truth and answered, "No, he doesn't eat fish. Fish are bony!" "You are ignorant!" exclaimed the offended big fish, "Not all of us are bony. For example, our family...." The boy decided to change the subject and asked the fish, "Have you ever been on land?" "It isn't necessary. We can't breathe on land," replied the fish. The fish circled Evseyka causing an intimidating rush of water to blast across his face. "Why did you swim here?" asked the fish in a much louder tone. Now Evseyka had to think quick, he was scared of the big fish and thought that he may be lunch! Evseyka answered, "I am just visiting here." "Maybe you are a drowned man?" assumed the fish. "No, I am not!" cried the offended boy, "Look, I can stand!" Evseyka tried to stand up but he couldn't even move. Many sea inhabitants gathered around the boy. Evseyka was very afraid of them but suddenly a bright idea came to his mind. He said, "Let's play! We will swim above; there are a lot of flies up there for you to eat." The creatures agreed to play with the boy and swam above. Evseyka seized the tail of the big fish and it dragged him out to the smooth, glassy surface of the sea. The boy came to the surface and .... Evseyka realized he was on the same stone as before! His clothes were dry and even his pet dog was still snoozing away. He had dreamt the entire thing. Good thing, Evseyka wasn't much of a swimmer anyhow.