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The Legend of Tsar Saul Levonidovich:Saul, Levonidovich

"The Legend of Tsar Saul Levonidovich" written by Kirsha Danilovich The kingdom of Alyberskoe. Ruled mightily with a combination of fairness, power and loyalty to the people. Tsar Saul Levonidovich. A leader with a vision. Friendly at the time with the Mongolian horde, he saw the relationship fading, but years down the road. He decided to travel the hundreds of miles necessary in an attempt to form an alliance that would last several lifetimes. If not, his kingdom would surely fall. Tsar Saul Levonidovich departed on his journey intending to stay there for at least twelve years. He had to end the deceit which was on the rise by becoming a power himself. No Tsar had ever attempted this with army in hand let alone try it by themselves. He left at home his young wife who was expecting a baby. Before the departure he said to his wife, Elena Alexandrovna, "If you give birth to a son you must raise him and eventually send him for me. If you give birth to a daughter you must raise her and marry her off, sending your dear son-in-law for me." His Tsaritsa gave birth to a son who was named Konstantin. The boy grew up very quickly, a father's influence in his blood. At the age of seven the boy learned how to read and write. His mother was the ultimate teacher. She was strong in mind, body and spirit. At the age of ten he was able to win combat training while participating with adults. With age came curiosity. One day Konstantin asked his mother, "Where is my father that I've heard so much about, Saul Levonidovich?" Elena Alexandrovna told him the last will of his father. Having heard it, Konstantin decided to go for his father and saddled his steed. There was a dire need for him to meet his father. He stopped at a chapel for prayer with God and began the treacherous journey. Miles multiplied. Desert heat. Freezing rain. Fierce winds. But, nothing would deter him from reaching his goal. Konstantin came upon a crossroad. Three roads led in three different directions. Unbeknownst to Konstantin, there was a prophecy associated with each of the three. If a traveler chose the right road he would die, but his steed would be fed and taken care of. If the traveler chose the left road he would be fed and replenished fully, while his steed would go hungry and surely perish. If the traveler chose the middle road he would be killed without remorse. Konstantin chose the middle road. The land became strange. Eyes stared through him with each passing hoof step. There was an odd energy about this place. Konstantin knew he was getting closer to his father. The regions he passed were full of whisper and rumor, the boy not knowing if it was related to him or not? He pressed on, not giving into the delirious paranoia. Suddenly, a group of tatars gathered around him. Konstantin could tell, via his mother's education, that there language identified them as nomads. The Mongolian horde was closer than ever! The tatars attacked! They were immediately surprised at how gallantly Konstantin fought and retreated in awe! Just as the boy thought he was safe, inhabitants of the town of Uglich ensnared the exhausted lad. Young Konstantin was put into prison. It had been twelve years and Tsar Saul Levonidovich was on his way home. Upon his arrival, Tsaritsa Elena Alexandrovna met him and told bad news. His son had disappeared without a trace. As soon as Saul Levonidovich heard this he set out in search of his son. Soon the Tsar found out that his son was taken prisoner by Uglich inhabitants. Then he went to Uglich and ordered the release of his son. The Uglich people were frightened of the menacing Tsar, mainly because he traveled alone. When they realized that the Tsar would do anything for his boy they released Konstantin immediately. The Uglich inhabitants involved in Konstantin's taking prisoner were executed. When the father and son arrived back in Alyberskoe, tables were set and a great feast was held. People celebrated the meeting of Tsar Saul Levonidovich and his son Konstantin for the very first time. The Mongolian horde was no where near attacking the Tsar's kingdom. Soon, Tsar Saul Levonidovich would relinquish his crown. It was time for him to tackle a task much more engrossing than that of a kingdom's rule, fatherhood. The family was sure to live happily for many years to come...