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Solovey Budimirovich:Solovey Budimirovich, Budimirovich

Ships came to Kiev which was the center of ancient Russia. The ships were loaded with rich foreign goods: precious stones, rare materials, expensive furs, gold and silver. These ships belonged to Solovey Budimirovich who carried rich gifts to the Kiev Prince Vladimir and his wife. Vladimir took the gifts and said: "I don't know how to pay you back. You are very rich. Take any town you wish and rule it." Solovey Budimirovich refused to take a town but asked Vladimir to give him permission to build a crystal palace in his garden. He fell in love with the niece of Vladimir whose name was Zabava. The girl liked to stroll in the prince's garden and Solovey Budimirovich wanted to meet her frequently. Vladimir gave his permission and Solovey Budimirovich built the wonderful crystal palace and decorated it with gold and precious stones. One day Zabava the daughter of Putyatichna walked in the green garden and saw the wonderful palace of Solovey Budimirovich. The girl began to peep in the windows. In the first window she saw Solovey's mother who was praying. In the second window she saw different riches. And in the third window she saw Solovey Budimirovich who was singing a song. Solovey Budimirovich noticed the girl and invited her into the palace. In the palace he asked Zabava to marry him. The girl was very surprised and felt that Solovey Budimirovich was making fun of her. Prince Vladimir convinced the girl of the truth of Solovey's words and Zabava accepted the marriage proposal. Before the marriage Solovey Budimirovich decided to go to his motherland and sell out his property. After his departure it was rumored that Solovey Budimirovich was killed. Some time later, the Tatar Prince came to the Kiev principality and declared to Vladimir the following: "Vladimir, give me permission to marry your niece Zabava! If you don't give your permission I will wage war against your principality and burn Kiev out." Vladimir knew that the threat of war was real and there was nobody who could stand up for Kiev. So Vladimir decided to give his permission to the Tatar Prince. Meanwhile it was said that Solovey Budimirovich had returned. Prince Vladimir was very glad to hear such news because he didn't want his niece to marry the Tatar Prince. Solovey Budimirovich defeated the Tatar army and killed the Tatar Prince. Soon Solovey Budimirovich and Zabava were married in the church and lived happily in the crystal palace surrounded by the wonderful garden.