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I Will Go Into the Street -- A Song:nightengale, dance, dancing, romance

I'll go into the street at sunset, Young girls have driven me mad. I'll go into the street, I'll look at my village, Young girls walking along the street will gladden my heart. My dear mother, give me cold water to drink, I feel hot and cold all over, There was a time when I walked in the green garden, At that time I thought I would never go into the street. And now, as evening falls, the desire to dance burns inside me. I am ready to throw myself into a dance, I'll go into the street; I'll go to the young girls, I'll join them in singing, I'll be singing at the top of my voice, I'll go into the street; I'll go to young girls, I'll be singing at the top of my voice. Dear mother, listen! The nightingale is singing, And there, at the foot of a hill, young people are dancing, Loud-voiced girls are singing so sweetly, They prevent me from sleeping.