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The Tale of Cat Bayun or the Chariot of the Goddess Freya:Viking, Norse, Thor

The Tale of Cat Bayun or the Chariot of the Goddess Freya. (the tale is based on the mythology of Vikings) *** Some people suppose that the best remedy for insomnia is dream grass. Others advise to do mental arithmetic or draw mentally intricate patterns before going to bed. In my mind, there is no better sleeping-draught than thoughts about a dozing cat. A cat sleeps so sweetly and gracefully that there is no other animal that can be compared with it. If you want to assay this recipe you should make yourself comfortable in your bed, close your eyes and imagine a cat. This charming animal is casting a glance at you through the slits of its green eyes. It is yawning, showing off rows of white, sharp teeth and then begins to doze. It seems that at this moment the cat is traveling in the fairyland of dreams, fairy-tales and legends. You also can find yourself there. The magic Cat Bayun will tell you the story about the goddess Freya and Thor the Thunderer. *** The goddess of Love and Beauty Freya woke up early that morning. The terrible rumble awoke her. Since her brother Freyr had been taken hostage and stayed in Asgard (the celestial land of gods), and she had married the powerful god Odin, nobody could dare to awake her so early. "Thor the Thunderer must be hurrying somewhere! Who else can dare to awake citizens of the celestial land?" thought Freya and went out to the balcony. Women are always curious and it doesn't matter if they are commoners or goddesses. It was really Thor. He was riding the chariot pulled by two gigantic, long-haired goats. In the evening one of the goats had to be killed and eaten up, and so it faintly pulled the chariot and looked gloomy. In spite of the fact that all animals, killed in the celestial land, were raised from the dead afterwards, they didn't like this procedure. "Where are you going?" asked Freya the Thunderer. "I am going fishing. I want to catch the Midgard Dragon," was the answer. Saying these words, Thor immediately went away in the direction of the Rainbow Bridge. Some time later, he was sitting on the bank of the Buyan Island. Having thrown a seine in the sea, he was patiently waiting for a catch. Suddenly, he heard a bloodcurdling noise that soon changed into a tender lullaby. The strange singer was singing so skillfully and touchingly that Thor began dozing. In a minute the repulsive sounds resumed and Thor was awaked again. The Thunderer was very irritated. Who dared to make him sleep! Who uttered these nasty sounds? So, he decided to find his offender and rushed to the forest from whence the noise was heard. Having passed through the dense forest, Thor the Thunderer came to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing a big old oak was growing. On the most thick and firm branch of that oak a huge, fluffy, striped cat was sitting. Under the oak, two charming, blue kittens were sleeping, rolled themselves up to a ball. The cat was mewing sweetly lulling his little kittens. The legendary magic Cat Bauyn was sitting on the oak branch. "Are these charming, little kittens your children?" roared Thor. Cat Bauyn nodded and smiled but didn't stop singing. Then the cat changed his color and became blue like its kittens. "Have you tried to lull me and make me sleeping?" asked Thor threateningly. "Yes, it was I!" answered the impudent animal, demonstrating its sharp claws. Thor tightened his Belt of Strength and looked at the cat with confidence. Suddenly the kittens awoke again and began to ask for food. "Do you see? I am a single father," said the cat. "In the spring I met a pretty cat and acquired these kittens. Then their mother left me and now I have to take care of these little ones alone. Do you know how difficult is it to nurture children? By the way, could you help me to arrange their destinies?" "May be!" replied Thor the Thunderer thoughtfully. He remembered Freya and thought that it would be quite good to present her these charming, blue kittens. Unexpectedly the conversation was interrupted by the squeak of the kittens. "Sleep, sleep, my dear little children!" purred Cat Bayun. "But remember, you, powerful Thor the Thunderer! These little ones aren't ordinary street cats, they are my children! If something wrong happens with them I will..." "How can you dare to threaten me?! Even snowy giants tremble with fear when they hear my name!" Thor was about to seize the cat but couldn't do it. Cat Bayun struck the ground, turned into the magic bird Gamayun and flew away. Thor stamped his foot in his vexation. Then he grasped the kittens and went in the direction where he had left the chariot. *** Everybody knows that Vikings worshiped Freya, the goddess of Love and Beauty. They prayed to her for rain and good harvest. Until now peasants in Scandinavian countries leave jugs filled with milk to propitiate Freya. According to the legend, Freya travels in the heavens in the chariot pulled by two giant, blue cats. These cats are the children of the magic Cat Bayun that have been presented to Freya by Thor the Thunderer.