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The original verse in Russian was written by Sergey Esenin. Tanyusha was a beautiful girl, She was the most beautiful girl in the village, The lap of her white sarafan was trimmed with bright red lace, In the evening Tanya was strolling by the gully, behind the wattle-fence, The moon wrapped in cloudy fog was playing with dark clouds. A young lad came to the gully and bowed to the girl, He hung down his curly-haired head and said: "Goodbye, my darling, I want to marry another girl!" Tanya grew pale like a shroud, grew cold like the early-dew, Her braid was fluttering in the wind like a killer-snake. "Oh, my dear blue-eyed lad! No offence meant, but I've come here to say you that I also intend to marry another man! Not the sounds of chime, but the sounds of wedding troika were heard, Bay steeds were merrily galloping along the village street, But the horsemen for some reason ruefully hung their heads. Not birds in the forest became sad, Tanya's relatives were weeping, mourning deeply their dear girl, There was a wound inflicted by an evil bludgeon on Tanya's temple, The bright small drops of blood clotted on her brow. Tanyusha was a beautiful girl, She was the most beautiful girl in the village.