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A Young Sailor's Coming Home For A Stay--A Song:Black sea, sailor, sailors

The original of this song was written by V. Bokov, music by A. Averkin Tell me why the girls in our village have become so excited? Who's made them to rise so early in the morning? Who's been able to steal their attention? A young sailor's coming home for a stay, His chest is covered with medals, The ribbon of his sailor's cap is adorned with anchors. The girls gathered in a crowd behind the river, over the hillside, "Hello, our Black Sea Hero," they said all together. The sailor shakes hands with each of the girls, He is looking in their eyes, One of the girls is laughing: "You can admire the sailor, but you can't kiss him!" The sailor is taking a rest at his parents' home, The girls are sighing for him: "He doesn't like us!" He pays no heed to festive attire, He isn't impressed by the fashionable cuts of our dresses, He doesn't fall in love with any of the girls! The sailor jokes with everybody and frankly confesses: "As soon as I woke up, I heard the sound of the waves. I can't forget the sunny southern land, Where my sweetheart is waiting for me."