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Kip, The Enchanted Cat:Kip

Once upon a time there lived a Queen who had a wonderful cat. She also possessed a lovely kingdom, precious jewelry, many faithful servants and was married to a rich and handsome King. But most of all, the Queen loved her cat. The cat was very beautiful: it had fluffy, silvery hair and bright blue eyes. The Queen and her cat were always together and the cat was even allowed to eat at the royal table. Once the cat gave birth to a little kitten that was called Kip. "You are happier than I," said the Queen to her cat. "I haven't children and you have a wonderful kitten." "Don't cry, Your Highness," answered the cat. "I promise you that very soon you will give birth to a charming baby." That night the cat went to the forest to find its relatives and the Queen gave birth to a wonderful girl who was named Ingrid. The small Princess made friends with the kitten. They played together for days on end and slept in the same bed. One night Kip went to catch mice and disappeared. The years have passed. Once Ingrid was playing ball in the garden. She was throwing her ball up as high as she could, laughing and making herself merry. The ball fell into the rose bushes. The girl stooped to pick up the ball and suddenly noticed a wonderful, striped cat. "Hello, Ingrid!" it exclaimed. Ingrid was very surprised. "How do you know my name" she asked the cat. "Don't you remember me? My name is Kip. I slept on your knees, when I was a little kitten. But a child's memory is like a sieve in contrast to a cat's." replied the cat with regret. Suddenly the princess's governess came and shouted loudly, "Get away, dirty pilferer!" Having heard these words, the cat immediately disappeared in bushes. When Ingrid returned to the palace, she asked her mother about Kip. "Yes, the cat has told you the truth. How I wish to see Kip once more!" said the Queen. It was terribly hot next day and it was impossible to play in the garden. The Princess with her governess decided to stroll in the forest. They sat there under a shady tree and Ingrid began to sing. After a time the governess fell asleep. Taking the opportunity, the Princess rushed in the thick of the forest and began to call loudly, "Kip, Kip! Where are you?" She saw a brook, took of her court shoes and entered into the cool water. Unexpectedly, the girl heard suspicious sounds. Turning round, she saw behind herself a huge, monstrous Giant. He seized Ingrid's hand and growled in a dreadful voice, "Come with me!" He pulled the girl and walked so quickly that the Princess could hardly keep pace with him. She wounded her foot and began to cry. Her tears infuriated the Giant. "I hate tearful children! If you don't stop crying I will kill you!" he announced. He took a big knife and cut off Ingrid's feet. Having placed them into his pocket, he disappeared. The girl fell in the ground, moaning from acute pain. Suddenly she heard a faint whistle. "Help" shouted the girl imploringly. Soon the Princess heard Kip's voice. The cat was driving in its own carriage harnessed with wonderful horses. Kip put Ingrid in the soft, snowy bed and rubbed her feet with a magic cream made of verbena to remove pain. "Don't move! I will return soon," said the cat. Kip found the Giant's hut and looked through the window. The Giant and his wife were talking and laying the table for supper. The cat crept in the kitchen and taking a pack of salt, emptied it in the soup and hid itself again. Soon the Giant's wife carried the soup in the dining room and they began to eat. They soon were very thirsty on account of the quantity of salt and went to the well. When they had left, Kip stole into the hut, pulled Ingrid's feet from the pocket of the Giant's jacket, gripped them and ran away. Ingrid was patiently waiting for Kip and was happy to see her again. The cat rubbed the magic cream made of verbena into the feet, imposed them to the Princess's legs and the feet adhered to the legs in a second. The Queen was happy to see her daughter unharmed. Ingrid told her everything that had happened with her. "What can I do for you, Kip? You've saved my dear daughter! I will give you everything you want." said the Queen. "Don't worry about me. Take care of Ingrid." answered the cat and went home. Ingrid missed the cat. She couldn't even eat and drink. Her mother brought her beautiful dresses, exotic fruits and magic fairy-tales, but nothing could cheer up the Princess. "We should find her a bridegroom. May be it will save her from sorrow," offered the King. The Queen agreed and young, handsome princes came to the palace. Having chosen the most brave and handsome prince, Ingrid smiled and that day they were engaged. After the marriage, a luxurious ball was arranged in the palace. At the end of the ball Kip appeared. Ingrid was glad to meet with her. "I want you to do me a favor," said the cat. "I will do everything you want," answered Ingrid. "Let me sleep at your legs this night." asked Kip. "Certainly, I'll let you." the girl exclaimed. That night Kip was sleeping at the Princess's legs. The next morning Ingrid woke up and to her great surprise she saw a wonderful young princess in the place where Kip had been sleeping. She told Ingrid a strange story. A sinister witch enchanted her and her mother, turning them into cats. To get rid of the evil spell they had to do a good deed. Kip's mother died and didn't have time to disenchant herself. But Kip could withstand the witch's evil spell and turned into a beautiful, young princess. Ingrid offered the princess to live in her palace and married her to a rich, young prince. Ingrid with her husband and the young princess with the prince had many children, who most of all liked to listen the story about Kit, the Enchanted Cat.