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Researching and writing about Russian Lacquer Art:troika, landscape, cockerel, architecture

While exploring the fascinating world of Russian Lacquer Art we find ourselves surfing a never ending wave of possibility, question and story. In the production of our site, it would be a travesty for us to simply display images and prices of the items as if this were an alley market. As soon as any customer sees one of our pieces, their thoughts cascade like a thundering waterfall. Who painted such an imaginative piece? What story lies behind such work? Where can that architecture be found? The questions are as numerous as the answers we have supplied. Supplied in detail, through our descriptions. Creativity is an important ingredient to the overall make-up of any, quality written work. However, it all starts with efficiency. It is important to us that ANYONE who visits our site become as familiar with the artistry as it appears on the screen as they would be if they were holding it in the palm of their hand. And this is where efficiency comes into play. If the description writer isn't thorough the piece being described will always lack something. Our writers strive for perfection of description. In any area of life, how wonderful is it when something only has to be explained to you one time? Details cannot be overlooked. When a piece isn't being observed in person, which is the case 95% of the time, there are several things that might not be noticed by the person enjoying the work from afar. Technology around the world is evolving lightning bolt quick, however, we all do not use the same devices in our homes or have access to them elsewhere. This makes it especially important that the audience knows of certain shines, glossy reflections, color blends, hidden features and the intricacies of decoration. This is also important regarding any defect or portion of weathering. When the customer opens their brand new lacquer box for the very first time there should be no surprises. Except for the fact that it might be more stunning than the writer described! Having quality descriptions as part of the website is beneficial to the artists as well as the customers. When an artist reads how a particular item has been described it offers them a wealth of inner feedback without opinion that a critic may offer. A description is creative, this is to be sure, but it is also objective. An artist composes off experience, intuition and inspiration. When they read what others truly see it can only aid in the next creative process on the horizon immediate. A great deal of hard work goes into each lacquer box. So, why not put just as much energy into a box description? Besides describing the visual, the internal must also be visited. This is specifically important when it come to compositions that depict fairy-tales, architecture, historical figures and religious icons. The visual beauty has now been transformed into a learning experience. We pride ourselves in giving the visitor information that they might have never known or considered. It is a pleasure to teach, and to be taught. There is nothing like collaboration. My idea can always be expanded. You might offer something that leads a writer or even an artist into multiple avenues of the imaginative grid system. We consistently welcome feedback. Through conversations over the years we've even learned the areas of expertise of a few of our customers. On occasion, they might even be the item of researchable fact that the writer has been looking for. Everyone can learn on a daily basis. The basis and foundation of our research is extensive. Our internal data base compiles data from a variety of sources. When facts are found they are placed in a quickly accessible vault for easy withdrawal, so to speak. A great example of this would be our READINGS SECTION. This is where we have a constant variety of subject matter; from legends to Alexander Pushkin; that we can pull details from within seconds! The descriptive writer's library of translation is equally as extensive. We have dozens of books in both Russian and translated into English. These resources cover geography, art history, famous collections, architecture and the artists themselves, just to name a few. There is nothing like experience. Recently, we offered the trip of a lifetime! A journey into the villages of rural Russia to meet the artists and fully experience what they work with on an everyday basis. Needless to say, the collectors were overwhelmed! One of our very own writers spent seven months living, learning, enjoying and working throughout Russia as a part of Russian Sunbirds. His journal entries alone have offered us a sublime wealth of information that would be impossible to obtain otherwise. When you combine this with the experiences of the collectors...yahtzee! What about when all of the information has been researched and written? Our open source software solutions enable us to streamline the transfer of information, hassle free, onto our web catalog practically in real time. Our internal database links various resources for ease of use and efficiency. This saves time and money. More importantly, it serves the needs of the customer. It gets them the best and most accurate information possible in the shortest period of time. The greatest adventure is the one that never ends! The item descriptions we provide are informative and entertaining. With many pieces, there is no story! It may be a landscape or a human interest piece that lives on its own. It is the writer's job to build a theme based on the artist's original. The writers love this aspect of the field. A writer's joy comes from knowing that adults and children alike may be reading the descriptions just to laugh, feel and hopefully get inspired themselves. The descriptions serve as a handshake. A welcome into the artistic medium that we cherish. We stray far and even wider away from sales gimmicks and useless promotions that many sites use in the hope of obtaining just another paying customer! If our writers made somebody smile, taught them some unique fact and gave the purest description possible...they'd be quite happy. Each original piece of lacquer art deserves its own spotlight. This begins with the description. The written and the visually fantastic walk together down the pathway towards appreciation. Whether it be a six year old child listening to a timeless tale of heroism, or an avid lacquer art enthusiast living that childhood once again, our best is always what you'll get. The next time you read a description, covering any piece or reference, do one very important thing.......enjoy!