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Extraordinary digital images:Yaga, flower, kholuy

Each exquisite lacquer box, pin, plate or plaque deserves an extraordinary digital representation. The internet is the only place where one can afford to place an infinite number of images per item without space or cost constraints. Not one catalog or book has the ability to show a collector multiple views and close-ups of such a high number of items. Our policy is to promote collaboration between our in-house art experts, writers and graphic designers. As an item selected to enter our on-line catalog reaches the art experts, a number of important focus points are identified on an item. These areas are marked for the graphic designer's attention. In the meticulous process of photographing, scanning, enlarging, reducing, and adjusting the images, new areas of undiscovered details emerge. The graphic designer points out these areas and when needed produces extra views per item. After the the images are stored on our image server the writer examines the piece and may notice other important details that have not been identified. The graphic designer adds the needed images and returns it back to the writer. Finally, the art experts read the copy and make a review. The images are stored in a Linux-based "image farm" where they are served to the world on demand. Thus, the group effort and seamless technology create a most detailed representation of an actual piece of art. This is cherished by both the artist who painted the box and the collector who acquires it.