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Typical day in Sunbirds office:scientific, discovery, research

The average day at Russian Sunbirds begins as the staff arrives about 10:00am. After discussing and collaborating on the day's tasks, each person goes about their separate assignments. New lacquer boxes are selected for the staff writers to begin descriptions on, and previous descriptions and images are reviewed before final posting to the inventory. The graphics staff goes to work on photographing and scanning newly arrived pieces to keep the cycle going. Meanwhile, orders from the previous night are processed and prepared for shipment. Carefully polished and packaged, each order is readied for daily USPS and UPS pickup. Email and telephone inquiries are responded to, and orders submitted during the day are also prepared. Although each Sunbirds employee has their own specialty, there is also an overlap of abilities so that day-to-day tasks can be accomplished quickly regardless of what projects are in process at the moment. For example, several employees are trained in processing and packaging orders so that if one person is occupied with another task, another can fill their place. The day can be varied by shipments of new pieces arriving from Russia, clients visiting the showroom, and the occasional computer upgrade. By 7:00pm, everyone's on their way home and getting ready for another great day being surrounded by exquisite works of art!