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A lavish merchant went to the fair:merchant, stingy, drink, fair, merchant, stingy, squeeze

A lavish merchant went to the fair A lavish merchant, a daring young lad He stood in the yard, his horse to feed, And decided to impress the people of this little country town. In his red shirt, brown and curly haired He went out on the town, cheerful and drunk. He collected a circle of beautiful girls about him, Brought out his wallet, jingling with gold coin Treating young and old to wine, Eh! Drink up! Live it up! Live it up! The girls grimaced and drank it down Joking, dancing, and singing songs Girls could be seen dancing 'til dawn Girls' singing was heard all the way to the river The lavish merchant sang, whistled Tapped his foot on the earth The merchant approached one shy maiden hugged, kissed and squeezed her arm Pulled her out of the circle of maidens She was ashamed before her family and friends Her friends watched with envy: "You stubborn girl, happiness is before you!" The maiden's mother quickly intervened, She approached the merchant ingratiatingly: Please sweetie, go easy, stop teasing, Don't shame or kiss my girl! The lavish merchant jingled his silver: "That's okay, I'll find another!" A lavish merchant went to the fair, A lavish merchant, a daring young lad.