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Troika--A Poem by N.A. Nekrasov:troika, trioyka, horses

"Troika" by N.A. Nekrasov (1846), translated from the original Russian: Why are you looking so greedily on the road, standing apart from your girlfriends? Your heart is beating high as if danger is somewhere nearby, Your face has suddenly blushed. Why are you running so hastily, trying to catch up with the troika That has passed at full speed? Putting his arms akimbo, the young handsome cornet is lost in thought for you. No wonder that he is staring in wonderment at you, Anyone may fall in love with you, The scarlet ribbon plaited in your black hair is fluttering archly. Your swarthy ruddy cheeks are covered with light fluff, Your eyes are looking playfully from a graceful bend of your brow. The charming look of your beautiful eyes kindles passion, If you look at an old man, he'll shower you with gifts, If you look at a young man, he'll fall in love with you. You will live and make merry to your heart's content, You will live a full happy life, But, stop dreaming! Unfortunately, you will live otherwise, You will merry a sloven, rude man. Having tied the apron under your armpits, You will pull in too tight your splendid bosom, Your fastidious husband will beat you cruelly, Your mother-in-law will scold you day by day. You will fade, having no time to blossom, From hard, monotonous work. You will nurse your babies, work and eat, And it will be the only things you will be permitted to do. And in your lively beautiful face will appear the expression of stupid patience, And senseless, eternal fright. When you die, you will be buried in a cold grave, Together with your dreams and hopes that haven't been realized. Don't look at the road wistfully, Don't hurry to catch up with the troika, And forget forever, The burning sadness in your heart. You won't be able to overtake the troika, The steeds are strong, healthy and replete, And the young, handsome cornet is making his way hastily, To another girl.