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Swan Lake

Within a far away kingdom there lived a King and Queen. They had a son named Zigfried. When coming of age, Zigfried had a large celebration in the park. His entire circle of friends were invited. Everyone congratulated the Prince to be. The ceremony was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of the Queen. The Queen proclaimed, "My dearest son, your childhood has passed and it is time to think about your marriage. Tomorrow we will have a grand ball, where you shall choose your bride."
It got dark and all of the guests left the park. Zigfried was sitting alone on the bench being plagued with obscure presentiments. The flock of white swans flying gracefully in the sky aroused in his soul romantic feelings. The Prince rushed to pursue them. The swans led him to the lake situated in the depths of the forest. Sitting quietly on the bank of the lake ,Zigfried was caught by surprise. The swans stepped to the ground and turned into wonderful girls. The Price was astonished by the beauty of Swan Princess Odetta. She told Zigfried that a wicked sorcerer Rothbar turned the girls into swans and only the power of selfless love might destroy evil spell. The feelings of love and tenderness he has never sensed before seized the Prince. He made a declaration of his love and swore to love Odetta till his death. At dawn the lovers said goodbye to each other and the swans flew away.
Suddenly the vision of the Swan Lake appeared before the Prince's eyes. He understood that he had been terribly deceived and rushed to the lake to find Odetta. He found her on the bank of the lake crying bitterly and making complaints to her girlfriends of Zigfried's treachery. The Prince begged her to forgive him and made declarations of his love. Rothbar sent black swans to separate the lovers but they were not unsuccessful. Then Rothbar began to fight with Zigfried. The Prince won the battle. Kindness, love and happiness crowed over misfortune and evil. True love had conquered all.