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- Fixed Date Display when forum was shown in a different language other than english
- User list link available in te main forum page
- Skin Added: "crystal" (becoming the default skin)
- Skin deleted: "dogvision"
- CSS heavily modified: added styles to links and hovers and ability to 
  select color for table borders, and text-decoration variable added to CSS
- Mail Handling for subscriptions Completely redone (New Bugs? .. nah!)
- User can subscribe to entire forums
- Subscriptions are triggered upon topic creation/response/editing, rather than
  only responded to only.

- Forum index page (and admin) are now alphabetically sorted
- User List (In Admin Section) shows DNS (Reversed) from the IP for the user last login
- User list (In Member section) corrected malformed TAL in the first <H2>
- Search Results page now highlights all words found regardless of case, it highlights
  them in UPPERCASE, for easy spotting
- Increased size of textbox for global message input in main admin area
- Creators of messages (main topic or replier) can edit their own postings
- Fix zope error when clicking on the "Back to Previous Page" in the login page
  if the user came there via a topic thread
- When topics/forums are modified the current day, they are "highlighted" (red color)
- Bug Fix that was making all the users in a topic thread show the same role as the
  topic originator.
- "Plonish", "MyBlue", "Autumm", "Hacker", "Mujer" skins prettier
- Preview contents before posting dows not break on long messages anymore
- User is not asked to confirm posint/responding a message anymore,
  since full message preview is already implemented
- New set of emoticons
- New set of "fcForum x.x.x" images for optional header
- Added user localization (country/latitude/longitude)

- Increased the default preview length for the postings from 150 chars to
  200 chars, this includes the thread preview [+/-] link as well
- Updated Translations: (header, footer, etc, all except admin sections
  are now tranlslation enabled).
- Translation Script (tr.ps): Is now alphabetically ordered,
  much easier to mantain. Note: Localizer Product Support has not been implemented
  (YET), mainly because of the "external" Product dependancy and secondly,
  I want to get all the translations in SYNC  with each other, and take it from there.
- Main Forum index page Icons: Added "title" attribute (easier to understand
  what they are), also they are "centered", translation is also enabled
  for the titles (UI Improvement, thanks to Stephan Helma for the suggestion)
- Member can now subscribe to the topic she is creating without
  having to create it first and THEN subscribing to it.
- Several typos fixed (Deutsche-->Deutsch, etc (S.Helma))
- New Skin: Xettai (a zettai clone :)
- Signatures: Member can add a signature to her profile and
  optionally add it when creating (or responding to) a topic via a checkbox.
  Checkbox will not be available if the member does not (yet) have a
  signature in order to not clutter up the page.
- Avatars: Added avatar support, if avatar is selected,
  it will "show" in all messages the Member has posted. Avatars
  can also be "disabled" (All this is in the "Edit Properties" section).
- IP-Behind-Apache: Implemented. (Member "last login" now saves te "real" IP)   
  (F. Carlier)
- New Languages: Italian and Russian                                                                                                                             
- Manual Updated: Updated Manual for 2.0.5 version                                                                                                                             
- Forum Moderation: Administrator can now toggle forum moderation.
  If Forum is moderated, any PARENT topics will not show (be available)
  immediately, but after the posting has been "cleared" by the forum administrator.
- Added Suomi (Finish) - Thanks Piia Koponen (http://www.videotuotanto.com/)
- Removed "forum display language" (locale), language selection is
  now only for presentation display only.
- "fcForumObject" class is not (or should not be) visible anymore, it was
  deliberately set to visible so earlier forum versions could
  import forums from pre-2.x.
- Added a "default system language" and ask for it upon forum creation, this
  makes showing a "system-default" language when user arrives in the system and
  has not yet either change the presentation display language manually and/or
  has not been logged in the system (and using the user's default language)
- "Administration" forum cannot be erased by the forum administrator anymore
- Bug Fix. Members cannot respond to locked topics anymore, only Managers and Admins,
  in addition, a message is now shown displaying the topick locked status.
  (Note: Only Spanish and English have been translated this particulat message to,
  need to implement it in the other ones)

- "Reply w/Comments" (blockquote construct) breaks JavaScript when
  a mesage with "carriage returns" is tried to add to the response
  topic page (Esoteric).
- Security Update. Re-Implement security, by removing most of the
  docstrings from the methods to disable being called from the WEB,
  kept admin parmissions for certain methods, this may change in the
  future, but for the most part, the system appears to be 100% security
  patched in this version.

- Security Update. removed all (most) of the Public security declarations
  and change them to Private, nasty forgotten change upon product completion.
- Chage "Back To.." link/title so it does not prepend "Back To.." to the message
  so the Forum Administrator can put any message/link he/she wants
- Addition. "Quick Info", blockquote-style message just below the title
  for optional quick messages/notices, etc.
- Cosmetic. Login page automatically places the cursor in the "username" field
- Cosmetic. Sign-Up page automatically places the cursor in the "username" field
- Change. On Admin pages, the link "Change "Back To.." Settings"
  changed to "Change Custom Title/Link Settings", and once in that page,
  new instructions/information on what it does was added.
- Default Skin is now "corporate", which in turn changed colors
- Manual Updated

- Fixed Condition that was making impossible for the administrator to
  change the system membership policy allowing users to select their own passwords
  upon signing up in the system or having the system email a temporary
- Addition. "Jump To Forum..." selection added. Shown on any forum, and will
  take care of security (i.e. will not show unauthorized forums)
- Enhancement. fcForum Creation Screen has more help information.
- Manual Updated

2.0.0a (20031001-1024)
- Fixed Another tedious, nasty-time-consuming bug that prevented
  the forums from operating normailly (a.k.a. Zope Error) when
  a user attempted to log in, or sign up from inside a topic thread.
- Fixed. Administrator (Reviewer Role) was not able to change roles of other
  users due to zope security machinery, I changed /admin/edit_user.ps
  to use the methods of the fcForum Class provided for that purpose.
- Fixed. Françcais --> Français

2.0.0a (20031001-0846)
- Fixed a nasty, nasty bug that prevented admin from deleting "parent" topics
- Fixed bug that prevented from switching
  to portuguese/french languages (thx fcarlier)
- SKINS. If you are a logged in user, just click on the
  "Edit Preferences" and select from the available skins
  (skins colors were selected by "my other half" by mathematically
  combining colors, so don't flame )

2.0.0a (20030930-0917)
- Removed "Search" link on the available links inside a forum. (rezidew)
- Added Breadcrumbs navigation when "Add New Topic" is selected. (rezidew)
- Added "title" property to breadcrumbs nav when viewing/adding a topic, the
  title in turn is the actual forum title. (rezidew)
- Added "True" breadcrumbs navigation, in main forum page, main topic page
  and "Add New Topic" page, main forum title is linked now to the main page.
- Enabled French and Portuguese languages

2.0.0a (20030928-1349)
- Full re-write, Zope ZClass removed, converted to 100% pure
  python product.
- Bold/Red "Add New Topic" link (wumpus)


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